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The 11th Forum for the conservation and technology of Historic Stained Glass

 – CV Catalunya – Institut d’Estudis Catalans –

Fòrum: Stained glass conservation: preserving the identity

BARCELONA, 7th-9th July 2022



The Forum program will be provided in digital format only and no printed final program will be available on site. You can browse the sessions using the online program below.

7th July 2022 – GIRONA: COLLOQUIUM + FORUM                   

8’00 h: Plaça Catalunya 21, Barcelona. Registration and departure to Girona (by bus)

9,30-10’00h Col·loqui + Fòrum: Sala Josep Irla – Welcome by the Authorities

10’00-10’45h Coffee-Break Casa de Cultura de la Diputació de Girona. Visit: Fita Foundation. Casa de Cultura 2th floor.

10’45-11’45h Lecture session 1: Aula Magna de la Casa de Cultura de la Diputació de Girona.

Chaired by: Ivo Rauch


F1.1.- Hans-Jürgen Daams, Michael Robrecht

Protective glazing: a thermodynamic review of the last 30 years, successes, failures, and conclusions for future projects.

F1.2.- Sarah Jarron, Jana Hildebrandt,   Mayre Maquiné, Emily Yates

The Inherited Condition: the complex methodology required to conserve the West Choir Windows of Naumburg Cathedral, Germany

F1.3.- Emily Yates, Sarah Jarron, Mayre Maquiné, Jana Hildebrandt

Finding Faces: Reconstructing Liturgical Identity in the Medieval West Choir Windows at Naumburg Cathedral, Germany

11’45-12’05h. Discussion

12’05-12’55h. Communications (Fòrum + Colloquium in Josep Irla Room): About the Medieval Tables:

Chaired by: Sarah Brown

C8.1.- Stefan Trümpler

Glazier’s tables, preparatory drawings, cartoons. Observations and reflections on the creation of stained glass in the late Middle Ages and the early modern period

C8.2.- Anna Santolària

The White-Washed Table and the Medieval Windows of Girona Cathedral

12’55-13’10h. Discussion

13’15-14’30h.  Lunch break (Claustre del Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants, c/Santa Llúcia 8, Girona)

14’30-17’30h. Tour-Visit: Cathedral and the Art Museum – White-Washed Tables of Girona –

Optional: Sant Feliu Church, Casa Masó (inscription).

17’30h. Garden of Art Museum

18’00h. Return to Barcelona

21h The Official Dinner Colloquium and Forum attendees, Restaurant Flô (C/ Junqueres 10)

8th July 2022 -BARCELONA- Seminari Conciliar de Barcelona (Aula Magna)

9’00h Welcome

9’30-10’30h Lecture session 2:

Chaired by: Sarah Brown


F2.1.- Felix Busse, Ulrich Huber

Optimierung der entspiegelten Schutzverglasung vor Glasmalereien am Kölner Dom

F2.2.- Barbara Trichereau,  Claudine Loisel, Françoise Gatouillat, Michel Hérold

Contribution of scientific analyses for the knowledge of 16th century glasses of Sainte-Marie’s cathedral from Auch: origin and manufacturing

F2.3.- ———————————————–


10’30-10’50h Discussion

10’50-11’30h Poster Session and Coffee Break

11’30-13’10h Lecture session 3:

Chaired by: Ivette Vanden Bendem


F3.1.- Markus Kleine, Simone Schmidt, Christoph Sander

Konzept und Konservierung historischer Spiegel aus den Audienzgemächern August  des Starken im Dresdener Schloss

F3.2.- Dunja Kielmann, Susann Seyfert

Ludwig Mittermaier und seine Glaswerkstatt – ein Multitalent des 19. Jhd.

F3.3.- Ronja Lammers, Markus Kleine, Steffen Holtmann

Oberursel, Liebfrauenkirche Konservierung und Restaurierung der Glasfenster von Giselbert Hoke aus dem Jahr 1967 – Der Umgang mit einer zeitgenössischen Glasmalerei

F3.4.- Rob MacInnes, Linda Cannon

A new Isothermal System which Avoids the cold bridge between the external  and internal Glazing (A solution specifically designed for extreme weather conditions)

13’10-13’30h Discussion

13’30-15h Lunch break

15’00-16’20h Lecture session 4:

Chaired by: Claudine Loisel


F4.1.- Fernando Cortés Pizano

The importance of personal taste in the conservation of works of art

F4.2.- Paloma Somacarrera

The historical requirement on the identity of a piece of art

F4.3.- Edyta Bernady

Documentation and reconstruction of the Virgin Mary depiction at the 15th century stained glass window of the Annunciation from the Dominican Monastery in Kraków

F4.4.- Katharine Harrison

Narrative from Nonsense: Questions of Identity in the St Cuthbert Window, York Minster

16’20-16’40h Discussion

16’40h. Visits: Church of Real Monestir de Santa Maria de Pedralbes

9th July 2022 -BARCELONA- Seminari Conciliar de Barcelona (Aula Magna)

9’00h-10’20h Lecture session 5:

Chaired by: Isabelle Lecocq


F5.1.- Brianne Kozlowski, Drew Anderson

The Stained Glass Conservation of Trinity Church, Wall Street

F5.2.- Michael Robrech, Markus Böger, Hans-Jürgen Daams

Automatic determination of damage to cultural assets by means of artificial intelligence

F5.3.- María Paula Farina Ruiz, María Victoria Tripodi

Antonio Estruch: From Catalonia to Buenos Aires. The case of the restoration of the stained glass windows of the rosette of the Parish Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

F5.4.- Nick Teed

The True Colour of Historic Stained Glass: Setting Standards for Photographic Imaging and Documentation using Digital Technologies

10’20-10’40h Discussion

10’40-11’10h Poster Session and Coffee Break

11’10-12’30h Lecture session 6:

Chaired by: Ellen Shortell


F6.1.- Martí Bertran, Jordi Bonet, Trinitat Pradell

Against the dying of the light. Enamel deterioration in Catalonian Art Nouveau Stained Glass

F6.2.- Carla Machado, Márcia Vilarigues, Luís Cerqueira Alves, Teresa Palomar

 Grisaille production: some examples from the 14th to the 20th century

F6.3.- Anne-Carherine Perreau, Helena Wouters, Aletta Rambaut

Physico-chemical insights into sanguine and carnation based on reproduced historic recipe

F6.4.- Sophie Wolf, Johannes Hugenschmidt, Christophe Gosselin

Towards a holistic approach to the conservation of dalle de verre glazing

12’30-12’50h Discussion

12’50-13’30h Conclusions. Closing of de 11th Forum for the Conservation and Technology of Historic Stained Glass. Chaired by: Ivo Rauch and Sarah Brown.

13’30-15’00h Lunch Break

15’00-17’00h  CSIV meeting


Attention: all sessions and schedule are still subject to change.