Dear Colleagues,

Due to the current circumstances, the Catalan Committee of the CVMA, with the endorsement of the International Committee, must notify their intentions in relation to the holding of the CVMA Forum and Colloquium scheduled in Barcelona for July 2020. There are still three and a half months until the Congress, and the National Committee is continuing to pursue its work. The Committee will make every effort to ensure that the Congress is celebrated in a safe environment. However, the Catalan Committee has decided that if at the end of May the situation has not improved, we will have to postpone the celebration, attending to the indications of health authorities.

The following months will be complicated but it is important to avoid alarmism. The meeting will only be postponed until the following year if necessary. The decision will not be taken unless, in these decisive days, there is an indication of the epidemic evolving for the worse. If the meeting needs to be postponed it will be, and the Catalan Committee is ready to reschedule the events.

Our warm regards,

Catalan Committee of the CVMA


The Forum is organised by the Catalan Corpus Vitrearum and the International Scientific Committee for the Conservation of Stained Glass in conjunction with the Institut d’Estudis Catalans. Other local institutions take part also in this meeting. Registration is from Thursday 9th July. For those also attending the CVMA Colloquium, registration will be open on Monday 6th July 2020.

Site visits are planned for 9th July (also with papers and presentations), followed by a two-day programme of papers and presentations at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (C/ del Carme, 47. Barcelona). There will be also optional visits.


The fragmentary nature and fragility of stained glass is widely accepted. To a greater or lesser extent, historic stained glass windows, exposed to physical attack and weathering conditions over time, have suffered damage that has altered their appearance. These deteriorations are in addition to changes introduced by restorations, reconstructions and interventions of varying size and degree.  All of these factors impact on the stained glass windows that we see today. Those responsible for maintaining this heritage face a series of decisions with every intervention they make, that are of great importance for the future reading and understanding of these pieces.

The theme of this Forum will focus on the preservation of the ‘identity’ of the historic stained glass in the intervention process. The search for balance between the values embodied in these pieces is a matter of great importance for the correct conservation of this fragile heritage. This Forum will offer the opportunity to reflect upon and bring new solutions to this complex subject. The response to this theme is a key factor in the creation of conservation plans, which can ensure the correct transference of the piece to future generations. How should we combine the conservation requirements of the window with respect for all of the historic materials in and around it? How far can we get without diminishing the integrity of the piece? How to make alterations in the surface or structure of the work respect its antiquity and originality?  At what stage, or level of quality, does an intervention gain historic value?


Anyone who wants to submit a communication proposal or poster, should contact their national committee before June 2019. Marking your submission ‘Forum 2020’.

Initial proposals are for papers or posters of no more than 2500 characters (including spaces) in length. If your proposal is accepted, you will be expected to supply an article of 26000 characters (including spaces). No oral presentation will be accepted without submission of a satisfactory preprint article.

Languages: Oral presentations, preprint articles and posters will be accepted in the three official languages of the Corpus Vitrearum: English, French and German.