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Martí Bertran, Jordi Bonet, Trinitat Pradell – Against the Dying of the Light: Enamel Analysis and the Conservation Problems of Art Nouveau Windows  Abstract

Edyta Bernady – Documentation and Reconstruction of the Depiction of the Virgin Mary in the 15th-Century Stained-Glass Window of the Annunciation from the Dominican Monastery in Kraków  Abstract

Fernando Cortés Pizano – The Importance of Personal Taste in the Conservation of Works of Art  Abstract

Hans-Jürgen Daams, Michael Robrecht – Protective Glazing: A Thermodynamic Review of the Past 30 Years: Successes, Failures and Conclusions for Future Projects  Abstract

Katharine Harrison – Narrative from Nonsense: Questions of Identity in the St Cuthbert Window, York Minster  Abstract

Sarah Jarron, Jana Hildebrandt, Mayre Maquiné, Emily Yates
The Inherited Condition: the complex methodology required to conserve the West Choir Windows of Naumburg Cathedral, Germany

Emily Yates, Sarah Jarron, Mayre Maquiné, Jana Hildebrandt – Finding Faces: Reconstructing Liturgical Identity in the Medieval West Choir Windows at Naumburg Cathedral, Germany  Abstract

Dunja Kielmann, Susann Seyfert – Ludwig Mittermaier and his Glass Workshop – a Multitalent of the 19th Century Abstract

Markus Kleine, Simone Schmidt, Christoph Sander – Konzept und Konservierung historischer Spiegel aus den Audienzgemächern August des Starken im Dresdener Schloss Abstract

Brianne Van Vorst, Drew Anderson – The Stained Glass Conservation of Trinity Church, Wall Street – Abstract

Ronja Lammers, Markus Kleine, Steffen Holtmann – Die Glasmalereien der Liebfrauenkirche aus Oberusel im Taunus. Eine Betrachtung der Fenster von Giselbert Hoke aus kunst- und restaurierungstechnologischer Sicht  Abstract

Carla Machado, Márcia Vilarigues, Luís Cerqueira Alves, Teresa Palomar – Grisaille Production: Some Examplesfrom the 14th to the 20th Centuries Abstract

Rob MacInnes – A New Isothermal System that Avoidsthe Cold Bridge between the External and Internal Glazing (A Solution Specifically Designed for Extreme Weather Conditions)  Abstract

Michael Robrech, Markus Böger, Hans-Jürgen Daams –Automatic Determination of Damage to Dultural Assets by Means of Artificial Intelligence Abstract

Paloma Somacarrera – The Historical Requirement on the Identity of a Piece of Art  Abstract

Barbara Trichereau, Claudine Loisel, Françoise Gatouillat, Michel Hérold – L’analyse par faisceau d’ions pour identifier l’origine et les procédés de fabrication des vitraux du XVI siècle de la cathédrale Sainte-Marie d’Auch Abstract

Sophie Wolf, Johannes Hugenschmidt, Christophe Gosselin – Dalle de verre: Evaluation of Non-Invasive Methodsfor Diagnosing Threatened Works Abstract

Anne-Carherine Perreau, Helena Wouters, Aletta Rambaut – Physico-Chemical Insightsinto Sanguine and Carnation based on Reproduced Historic Recipe Abstract


Claudine Loisel, Barbara Trichereau
La restauration des glaces de la chapelle royale du château de Versailles

Adèle Rellier, Barbara Trichereau, Claudine Loisel
La conservation préventive des vitraux : la verrière de protection

Jacqueline Jordan
Preserving Idols in Stained Glass: An Investigation into the Conservation Needs of Napier Waller’s Stained Glass Windows in the Hall of Memory at the Australian War Memorial

Virginia Raguin
Challenges in Exhibiting Stained Glass: Fear and Neglect